Thursday, December 15, 2011

Urban Legend

How many people have heard of the Hello Kitty urban legend? Well pretty much it goes like this Sanrio company wanted to make a coin purse wallet for teens and kids for girls so they gave the assignment to a lady (dont know the name). Well this lady had a daughter and her daughter had mouth cancer, her daughter soon passed away from it. So the lady made a deal with the Devil and it was if he spared her life that she would make a character (Hello Kitty) and dedicate it to him. He made Hello Kitty big and the reason she had no mouth was because of the mouth cancer. Also that the lady soon disappeared after and Yuko Shimizu took after the creation of Hello Kitty. What do you think?

Do you also know that there is another one heres the second one:
They say that Hello Kitty was really drawn by a little girl and that the little girl was abused by her parents. So she drew this cartoon and the reason for it having no mouth is to show she wont tell anyone about the abuse, so she didnt get introuble. What do you think?

The real reason she doesnt have a mouth is because they created her to feel the same way as you no matter what feeling it is. So that you can feel with her and make her emotions.

Comment on the bottom and tell me what you think or if you heard any other urban legends of Hello Kitty!

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